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ERP selection projects and their ERP project teams come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  The software selection criteria list associated with these ERP evaluations is also diverse and varies greatly based on industry and/or company size.  While many requirements will overlap from one project to another, each organization has a unique set of needs that drive the ERP selection project and a different set of metrics that will ultimately validate the ERP package’s benefits and if the project can be considered a success after the ERP implementation is complete.

Panorama’s ERP consultants utilize our PERFECT Fit software selection process to lead client’s through a complete evaluation to ensure that potential ERP software vendors are aligned with the client’s individual software requirements.   Our experience has demonstrated that most companies review and consider six primary items for engaging in an ERP evaluation.  This week’s ERP poll investigates top ERP selection criteria and asks participants to select their top ERP requirement.

Where do your priorities fall within our list of ERP software requirements?  Take the survey and then check back to see how your needs align with the rest of our website visitors.

This Week’s ERP Software Poll

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