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Founded in 1981, the Sage Group plc has offices on nearly every continent where they provide software to over six million customers. As a leading supplier of business management software and services, Sage focuses on providing ERP software and services that support small and medium-sized businesses.

As a company that was once a small business, Sage is able to focus on the things that make their customers unique instead of having to cater to the demands of big business customers. This provides the flexibility they need to pass those benefits onto their customers.

Sage products include thorough coverage of the needs that small- and medium-sized businesses bring to the table. Sage 100 ERP is designed to focus on financials and operations management, and on the more robust side of the spectrum, Sage ERP X3 supports financials and operations with the functionality needed to support multi-site, multi-company and multi-language requirements. Sage 300 ERP and Sage 500 ERP offer additional support in financials, manufacturing and distribution.

Sage products support the industries their customers are strongest in, including manufacturing, distribution and professional services. Tools for discrete manufacturing include recall management, inventory forecasting, formula management and capacity planning. Distribution support features inventory management, forecasting, barcodes and EDI. Sage tailors their service offerings to the unique needs of each customer instead of trying to force the customer’s needs to fit into a manufacturing system.

As diverse as small- and medium-sized businesses can be, Sage’s customer base is as robust and diverse as the customers they serve.  Satisfied customers include Yard House, Vineland Estates Winery, A.M. Leonard and Alloy Polymers to name a few.  Sage also publishes industry reports and research studies that give their customers and prospects access to the information they need to mitigate risk and maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

Overall, Sage is a vendor that knows what they want. They strive to support small- and medium-sized businesses through their product offerings, their support of their customers and their business philosophy as a whole.

Note: The “Vendor Snapshot” does not imply endorsement of any specific product, service or ERP vendor. Panorama is, and always will remain, completely independent and vendor-neutral.

Written by Adam Cheatham, ERP Consultant at Panorama Consulting Solutions.