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Plex has endeavored to build a cloud-based ERP system specializing in manufacturing. As a self-appointed Midwestern geeky-chic company, Plex’s mission is to replace under-performing on-premise ERP systems with a more accessible, agile system providing manufacturers the tools they need to be successful. Plex’s goal to put the people first even extends to the company culture and community.  Charitable giving, volunteering and sponsorship of school projects make them a role model in science, technology and business.

Plex’s positivity is not limited to their mission and image. They have been recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the manufacturing technology space. Awards and accolades include The Golden Bridge Awards Best of 2011, competing as a finalist in the 2012 SIIA CODiEs and a series of awards for being among the top 100 best and brightest companies to work for.

On the business-end of things, Plex serves a multitude of functional areas from Accounting and Finance, Business Intelligence, Human Resources Management and Customer and Sales Management. Plex even stretches as far as the heart of the manufacturing industry –  Inventory Management, Production Management, Quality Management and Supply Chain Management. Their software offering includes ERP, Manufacturing Execution, BI, Quality Management, Supply Chain Management and CRM all of which are supported completely in the cloud.

Plex is also quite proud of their customer base. The diverse organizations they represent exist everywhere from the food and beverage industry, to the aerospace and defense industry where they represent Weber Metals Inc. and the automotive, and OEM sector where Inteva Products uses their software. As expected, Plex has High Tech and Electronics representation through Firstronic, Industrial Manfucturing with Cast Aluminum Solutions and Precision Metalforming at Ralco Industries.

Plex clearly has many things to be proud of. From their leading-edge technology and their savvy culture to their award-winning software and extensive customer support. Plex is expected to continue to grow into the future. After all, the future is what their core is based on.

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Written by Adam Cheatham, ERP Consultant at Panorama Consulting Solutions.