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Full-Service ERP Mobile Application Allows Access to Customer Orders for Improved Communication and Efficiency

VAI, a leading provider of ERP software, today announced a new Application that enables users to take customer orders more conveniently and improve overall customer communication. The Tablet Order Entry Application is available for Android devices and is the latest application running under VAI’s S2K Mobile Suite.

The S2K Tablet Order Entry application is designed to enable sales representatives to sync customers (at the ship-to level) and items with a tablet device to build customer orders, and store and sync or immediately transfer orders with VAI’s S2K ERP software. With S2K Tablet Order Entry, users can quickly and seamlessly search the customer base, view the complete product catalog and/or custom order guide for a given customer, select products in the basket, view price and gross profit, edit the price, and store and send an order. The application allows sales reps to take orders regardless of Internet availability and enables real-time data sync with the ERP system whenever Internet connectivity is available.

Joshen Paper & Packaging, one of the country’s largest distributors of paper and packaging materials, is leveraging the S2K Tablet Order Entry application across its sales team. The application provides Joshen sales representatives with easy and quick customer order entry, and enables the company to better track its product supply and pricing details directly from the field. Additionally, Joshen has eliminated the number of customer service calls from the sales team and improved the overall customer experience.

“The clean interface and ease-of-use of the Tablet Order Entry application gives our sales teams better visibility into product availability and pricing – allowing them to make quick and well-informed decisions,” said Doug Trisnar, IT manager, Joshen Paper & Packaging. “This allows us to offer competitive pricing to customers while improving Joshen’s overall profit margins. VAI has been a great partner for years and we look forward to expanding our use of its suite of mobile applications as it continues to develop innovative ERP software.”

Additional features of the S2K Tablet Order Entry application include:

·        Real-time or disconnected

·        Touch screen

·        Data file sync

·        Ship-to search filtered by sales rep

·        Google maps link

·        Order guides

·        Full product search

·        Shopping cart summary

·        Price override and gross profit view

·        Store and submit Auto Wi-Fi connection and transmission

·        Signature capture

·        Native application for high performance and reliability

“The ability to access customer and product information quickly and efficiently is critical for any organization,” said Joe Scioscia, vice president of sales, VAI. “We are committed to the continued development of integrated mobile applications that deliver valuable insight and improve businesses’ bottom line. We’re excited to release the first application in the VAI S2K Mobile Suite and look forward to seeing more organizations realize the benefits of an all encompassing ERP solution.”