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S2K Integrator Improves Integration and Data Visibility Across Multiple Enterprise Platforms

VAI (Vormittag Associates, Inc.), a leading provider of ERP software, announced that through its partnership with EXTOL, International Inc., is licensing the EXTOL Business Integrator as VAI S2K Integrator. This integration technology allows customers using S2K Enterprise to connect, share and synchronize data in and out of S2K Enterprise with all third parties including various industry price files, spreadsheet orders from customers’ product master files, advanced ship notices, and external web applications.

S2K Integrator enables enterprises to overcome IT challenges such as middleware tool gaps, limited staff, and tight deadlines by integrating external services (i.e. customers, supplies, and other technology software partner products) to internal applications, services and data (i.e. S2K Enterprise, Warehouse Management Systems and in-house developers). Designed to avoid costly and complex mistakes that arise through integration processes, S2K Integrator includes a flexible mapping interface for organizations, allowing users to map all integrations  (spreadsheets, XML, web services, Comma-separated values [CSV] and database files) into VAI software, configure and test applications, and propagate data to production environments.

Badanco Enterprises, Inc., a large luggage importer and exporter, needed to improve its reporting capabilities to ensure efficient communication between manufacturers and on-time customer delivery. When the company looked to implement an integration tool that would allow them to capture data from different suppliers into a single database, it turned to VAI and EXTOL. “With S2K Integrator, we can aggregate data from so many disparate sources, ensuring that we have immediate and accurate information from our suppliers,” said Gino Giombetti, vice president operations with Badanco. “The integration of VAI and EXTOL gives us the competitive advantage we looked for and the real-time communication we needed.”

Additional features offered through S2K Integrator include:
•Faster onboarding of customers
•Automated interactions
•Integration of value added services
•On demand visibility of business data
•Automation of interactions with small partners

Sheralven Enterprises Ltd., a full service sales, manufacturing and distributor of fragrances, is leveraging S2K Integrator’s single framework to manage all integrations, regardless of syntax type. “Prior to working with VAI and EXTOL, Sheralven’s internal processes lacked the efficiency needed to manage and grow our business,” said Sandra Parmentier, controller with Sheralven. “S2K Integrator provides Sheralven with the ability to receive incoming orders from multiple file sources and integrate it directly into S2K Enterprise through a process that best suits our team.”

“EXTOL has been a great partner for more than 20 years, so it was a natural choice to integrate S2K Enterprise with EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI),” said Joe Scioscia, vice president of sales, VAI. “With S2K Integrator, VAI is bridging the gap between ERP software and external services to provide organizations with the tools they need to improve manufacturing processes and deliver superior customer service.”