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VAI (Vormittag Associates, Inc.), a leading provider of ERP software, today announced the appointment of Ira Dannenberg to Vice President of R&D – Food Division. In this role, Dannenberg will head a team of programmer analysts, senior project managers and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) specialists involved in the sale of S2K for Food and VAI related products. He will manage multiple ERP implementations including the creation of project specifications, quotes, timelines and budgets. In addition, Dannenberg will lead the food research & development team on all future food software package development.

S2K for Food Software is a powerful industry-specific solution that delivers a comprehensive set of integrated, cross-functional business processes. Food distributors can manage enterprise resources, supply chain, and customer relationships more efficiently and effectively. Food processors can utilize S2K’s integrated suite of manufacturing applications to track work in process and packaged / assembled food products throughout the shop floor. S2K for Food also helps businesses comply with the FDA Safety Act ruling by using lot control to track the shelf life date of all products in both inbound and outgoing shipments.

Bob Giustino, vice president of operations, VAI, said, “In his prior role as project director, Ira had been the leader of VAI’s S2K Food Package team and worked very closely in the food package research and development. His extensive ERP implementation experience and management skills have greatly aided VAI’s sales team in their food package sales efforts. We welcome Ira to his new role as VP of R&D Food Division, and look forward to his future efforts with S2K for Food development.”

“The S2K food package is a truly comprehensive ERP solution that can dramatically improve profitability for our customers,” said Dannenberg. “I am excited to manage a talented and experienced VAI food package development and project management team, and I look forward to assisting VAI food customers in automating best practices across their organizations with the implementation of S2K for Food.”