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Lithuanian Manufacturer Uses Epicor ERP to Boost Ambitious Growth Plans

Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, today announced that Lithuanian manufacturer UAB Stansefabrikken has improved its efficiency and strengthened its business processes after implementing the next-generation ERP solution, Epicor ERP.

“I am absolutely sure that we made the right choice,” said Dainius Maciulis, efficiency manager for UAB Stansefabrikken. “The goal was not only to become more efficient, but to help strengthen our processes as well. Epicor presented an excellent solution that was more advanced than both our previous solution, and those of the competitors. Now we are able to build key performance indicators to measure success.”

Established in Lithuania in 2003, UAB Stansefabrikken is an industrial plant owned by Norwegian STAFA Industries AS. The company processes sheet metal and manufactures sheet metal products. The plant has around 200 employees, who are dedicated to quality and customer needs. In the past four years, Stansefabrikken has invested over 3 million Euros (10.56 million LTL) in equipment and production process management. These investments have sharpened the company’s competitive edge and support the goal of becoming a top-level service provider.

“Our customers work in very different areas, for example, ranging from consumer electronics to post boxes and parts for aircraft engines. One of the biggest challenges for us is to meet the high and demanding requirements from each different customer. Lead times and stock management are crucial elements,” said Maciulis.

When considering a new ERP solution, Stansefabrikken not only valued the strength of the solution, but also the possibility of adding more modules as and when required, to ensure that further investments would not be necessary. The company’s Epicor ERP users are primarily working with production and material management. “From the first day of launching Epicor ERP, the purchasing team started utilizing functionalities that apply to their work. It is easy to create new rules in the system, to help users with data entry and to control essential data fields,” said Maciulis.

According to Maciulis, ERP users introduce new features to the application on a daily basis to fit their own needs. He also noted that advanced material management is another valuable addition for the company.

Maciulis concluded, “I would happily recommend Epicor ERP to others—we are very satisfied with the solution. Epicor ERP is very intuitive, making it easy to train users, even those with no previous ERP system experience. As far as manufacturing business goes, I am confident we made the right choice by selecting Epicor.”