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Networks Product Guide, Based in Silicon Valley, Questions Benadretti on Role of President of a High Tech Company

SYSPRO, the leading global supplier of on-premise, cloud and mobile Business ERP Software for manufacturers and distributors, announced today SYSPRO ERP President Joey Benadretti expresses the leadership qualities an organization’s president must possess in an interview conducted by Network Products Guide, the Silicon Valley-based technology research and advisory guide. Networks Product Guide named SYSPRO “Innovative Company of the Year in Information Technology” in 2012.

Rake Narang, Networks Product Guide Editor-in-Chief, questioned Benadretti in the following four categories: “Which multiple hats does today’s CEO/President have to wear? What best practices can you share with tech CEOs who are early in their career? What are three tips for building a great team? What are the challenges of managing a global business? What are some of the trends you’re seeing in technology company investments this year?”

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Of the interview, Benadretti, a co-founder of SYSPRO USA in 1987, emphasizes that his statements express his long-held management philosophy. “As the executive of a technology company, I must assume many, many roles. I cover these, my management philosophy and more in the interview.”

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