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SYSPRO, the leading provider of visionary, pragmatic ERP software, today announced that Layton Manufacturing, Salem, OR-based manufacturer of asphalt paving, home moving and food processing equipment, has selected SYPRO ERP to streamline company operations, including mixed-mode manufacturing and customer management. According to Layton General Manager John Layton, the company’s migration to a mixed-mode manufacturing entity forced it to seek new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software capable of facilitating such diversification.

Explains Layton, “Layton started in 1960 as a manufacturer of equipment for the Asphalt Paving Industry. From 1960 through about 2005 we built highly standardized equipment using a traditional MRP approach. In 2005 we began a diversification process. In addition to our Standard Products we also developed an Engineer-to-Order component to our business building automated processing equipment for the food processing industry. The Engineer-to-Order side of the business has undergone significant growth for us, and we were outgrowing our old MRP system, causing us to seek new software.”

He reports that SYSPRO was the ERP software of choice after the company had evaluated numerous software solutions, including MAS90, M1, Alliance and Global Shop. “We felt that SYSPRO would best be able to handle the various modes of manufacture we utilize, including Build to Stock, Build to Order and Engineer to Order,” says Layton. He anticipates SYSPRO will enable the company “to tighten operations from Order Management all the way through shipping and billing, eliminating the current manual, spreadsheet-based system that is prone to data entry errors.” He adds, “We expect SYSPRO to give us much easier access to information, more visibility on the shop floor and stronger Engineering control, including managing changes over Bills of Material.”

About Layton Manufacturing
Layton Manufacturing, headquartered in Salem, Oregon, is a leading manufacturer of asphalt paving equipment, remote manufactured home moving equipment and food processing equipment. For information on Layton, call 503/ 585-4888 or access

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