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Early Entry Into Markets Also Enables SYSPRO Solution to Support ‘Pretty Large and Complex Organizations,’ Notes Ann Grackin

SYSPRO, a developer of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, today announced that Ann Grackin, partner, ChainLink Research, has recently issued a paper on the historical ability of SYSPRO to “support the diverse and complex needs of smaller enterprises.” According to the paper, “SYSPRO: 14 Thousand ERP Customers and Still Growing,” Grackin notes: “After several decades of code development and a progressive culture of development demonstrated by such examples of their app store (note SYSPRO innovation in app store) and early entry into enterprise social networking – ahead of the larger players – they [SYSPRO] can support some pretty large and complex organizations with their ERP solution.” She goes on to state: “SYSPRO has a global and multi-industry reach, from manufacturing to retail. They operate in over sixty countries with thousands of distributors and have a strong presence in each continent. They are a pretty tight group, the SYSPRO execs, and communicate intensely to drive the strategy and products forward.”

Grackin continues: “SYSPRO is known for their strong manufacturing – both process and discrete; and financials.” She lists a string of “not-so-small” functionalities developed by SYSPRO which “provides retailers a rich solution . . . and which can provide end-to-end management for retailers who sell their own branded products.”

Grackin also discusses the reasons why SYSPRO has chosen to remain a privately-held company. “This, they feel allows them to focus on doing what’s right to keep the product current . . . rather than being distracted by Paternoster Square or Wall Street.”

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