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SYSPRO, one of the longest-standing, global ERP vendors, announces the selection of its ERP solution by TRC Hydraulics Inc., one of Atlantic Canada’s largest distributors, manufacturers & service providers for technologically advanced hydraulics. As TRC grew their business rapidly, their existing system was unable to meet the new demands. With a new hire spearheading the buy of an ERP solution, the TRC team was ready to run their operations more effectively, both from a cost and resources standpoint. The SYSPRO ERP was the software that recently was chosen by TRC and is tasked with pumping up efficiency and delivering on ROI expectations.

Prior to implementing the SYSRPO ERP solution, TRC was using a 15 year old system for the sales and distribution part of their business. The company had since evolved and expanded its services to include service and repair as well as manufacturing. The business grew in sophistication and diversity and so did its software needs – their system simply was not keeping up. Revenue was strong but administration costs were growing; it was time to revisit processes and automate. TRC’s first step towards an ERP solution was hiring Martin Montplaisir as Manager of Information Technology. A former network engineer with a strong background in enterprise software and architecture, he was hired to spearhead the project and find an ERP solution that could benefit TRC in terms of ROI, efficiency and cost savings. Martin led the team to focus on the needs and wants of their particular branches. Ability to deliver on these key points is how the 10 ERP vendors under consideration were judged.

“You need to understand and identify your pains before you can begin looking at ERP solutions,” says Montplaisir. “Once you identify the pains in your organization you need to associate a cost to it. You tread a dangerous path when you simply go for the solution with the cheapest upfront costs. If the solution doesn’t deliver in areas that are crucial for your business, it could end up costing you more in the long run. Make sure that you do your due diligence and invest adequately in professional services. This will make or break your ERP experience and too many companies falter here.”

Currently the SYSPRO ERP integration is in the initial phases of being rolled out in all departments and TRC anticipates that it will be fully operational across the board by March 2013. Working closely with a SYSPRO consultant, things are running smoothly and the company continues to learn about all the different ways they will be able to leverage their new ERP solution. They will be using a large variety of modules to help with forecasting, inventory control, reporting and office automation. TRC believes that SYSRPO’s ability to gather crucial transactional data will help with trends and forecasting, giving a better customer experience. Their analytics will be able to give them the information they need about different branches, departments, and business verticals. Using this type of data insight, all gathered automatically with the new ERP solution, they will be able to further optimize their business.

“We want to shift the current mind set from reactive to proactive through data analytics. SYSPRO will give us the data we need to do that,” shares Montplaisir. “Once we have the right data, we’ll know what verticals we are healthy in and which areas might need some additional attention.”

About TRC Hydraulics

Since its inception in 1986, TRC Hydraulics Inc. has built upon its reputation for fluid power and motion control expertise to become Atlantic Canada’s largest and most technologically advanced hydraulics distributor, manufacturer & service provider. This long standing company has over 100 employees in its four Maritime branches.