As Panorama Consulting’s ERP research suggests, ERP software projects fail not due to software, but because of issues related to people and processes. Effective training and organizational change management is an area that is often overlooked and underemphasized during an ERP implementation. However, our research also shows that successful and best-in-class implementations have one thing in common: effective training and organizational change management.

We recently published an article on the SearchManufacturingERP site about tips to deploy an effective ERP training and organizational change management program. Since our clients often turn to us for help with their ERP training and OCM initiatives, we thought we would share some of our lessons learned with organizations preparing for an ERP rollout.

The article focuses on six keys to an effective ERP training program:

  1. Focus on business processes, not system transactions
  2. Relate new business processes to the existing environment
  3. Leverage a multitude of tools for ERP training
  4. Train the trainer
  5. Allocate plenty of time for ERP implementation training
  6. Reinforce training with more comprehensive organizational change management activities

This is just an overview of the six tips, but feel free to read more detail in the article here.

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