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SAP NEWSBYTE – July 09, 2010 – On Thursday, July 8, RWD Technologies Inc. maker of the SAP® Productivity Pak and SAP® Productivity Composer applications, completed the sale of its software products division and products platform to Court Square Capital Partners (Court Square), a leading private equity firm.

With the acquisition of the RWD software products division, ANCILE Solutions, Inc. will continue to develop and support the performance support software products formerly developed and supported by RWD. In addition, ANCILE will provide those services that directly support the platform, such as implementation, hosting and maintenance services.

For current and prospective clients of SAP Productivity Pak and SAP Productivity Composer, the sale will have no material impact on their current or planned operations. Maintenance and services agreements will remain in effect and unaltered, and customers’ current support services will continue without disruption.

SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) and ANCILE Solutions are both committed to helping ensure a seamless transition for customers and the companies look forward to continuing to provide best-run solutions to maximize the value of customers’ IT investments.

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