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Deacom, Inc., producer of a modern ERP software solution specifically for chemical manufacturing and other process-based manufacturing industries, announced today that Skyonic Corporation has selected the DEACOM Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to help establish an agile operational environment that will enable the company’s rapid global expansion.

Founded in 2005, Skyonic Corporation developed the first technology designed to profitably capture carbon dioxide emissions by mineralizing the gas into baking soda. Using low-cost chemical inputs and operating under energy-efficient conditions, Skyonic offers industrial manufacturing plants an alternative to current carbon capture and storage methods, and allows them to profit from their reduced emissions.

Skyonic broke ground on Capitol SkyMine, the nation’s first commercial-scale carbon capture and mineralization plant, last year.  Retrofitted to the Capitol Aggregates Cement Plant in San Antonio, Texas, the plant’s pollutants will be processed into safe, stable, and marketable products.  This is the first of many SkyMine plants to be launched by Skyonic over the next few years across the US, Canada, Africa, and Asia.

As such, their priority was to find a highly configurable system to support this expansion, and provide flexible R&D capabilities, strict process control, enterprise-wide consistency, and real-time visibility and reporting to facilitate quick decision-making based on quantitative facts.

Deacom’s unique model and guaranteed fixed pricing was immediately attractive to Skyonic’s team. “We already knew we did not want a system that required customizations and bolt-ons due to previous individual experiences,” said Skyonic’s Director of Quality Engineering Jerel Walters. “We recognized the inherent flexibility of Deacom’s true single system and how it was going to deliver value to our business faster and more cost-effectively than any other system we evaluated.”  This expeditious impact would be key to the realization of Skyonic’s aggressive global growth strategy.

Skyonic also cited company culture as a priority during their search, placing significant value not only on a long-term solution, but also the ability and desire to have a long-term relationship with the selected vendor.