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Ramco, the Global Aviation Maintenance & Engineering (M&E), Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) and Enterprise software provider, and ESIS, the largest open Supply Chain network, announced a partnership that extends Ramco’s repair, procurement and invoicing functions directly into the supply chain. The partnership leverages all versions of Ramco’s industry-leading Aviation Software Solutions in M&E, MRO and Enterprise Resource Planning. The partnership with ESIS’ Harmony Order Management (HOM) network provides seamless, out of the box supply chain integration as a fully hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

The Ramco ESIS’ partnership combines two long-time experts in procurement optimization. The solution, “Ramco eProcurement, powered by ESIS,” connects Ramco’s customers, both on-premise and on-demand, with the extensive supplier base connected to the ESIS network, eliminating the software and hardware costs typically associated with purchasing e-commerce systems of the past. The combination provides a simple and affordable solution built on the best-of-breed flexibility and innovation for forward-looking purchasing departments who need a proven solution. This level of integration of requisitions, repair orders, approvals, purchasing, receiving, inventory and invoicing processes, transforms the business of procurement into a strategic capability. Further, Ramco’s partnership with ESIS expands standard processes that include all supply chain communications, including Repair Orders, Request for Quote and Bid Responses, Purchase Orders and Acknowledgments, Change Orders and Acknowledgments, Planning Schedules, Invoices, Ship Notices and online Bar Coding.

“Leveraging Ramco’s Enterprise Systems with ESIS’ existing network of over 25,000 suppliers is a great win-win for customers and their supply chains,” said Derek Baggerly, CEO of ESIS. “Procurement and e-commerce systems are notoriously complex for both ends of the supply equation; by providing an end-to-end SaaS solution from industry leaders, ESIS and Ramco created two benefits that are typically so hard to bring together – ESIS & Ramco provide real ROI while actually making the process simpler for all involved.”

“Ramco has simplified these purchasing and procurement processes. The partnership with ESIS removes the barriers typically associated with electronic commerce imposed by current EDI, Spec2000 and other standards that made the cost of B2B networks prohibitive for most companies. We now have an economical solution that connects ones enterprise with hundreds of suppliers and not just the vital few that are technology savvy,” said Jim Fitzgerald, Ramco’s President of Global Aviation Solutions & Enterprise Applications, Americas.