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Key Criteria for Selecting QAD On Demand is its China-ready Internationalization

QAD Inc.,leading provider of enterprise business software and services for global manufacturing companies, today announced Marshall Electric Corporation, a provider of automotive ignition coils,utilized the QAD On Demand ERP solution to help earn Ford Q1 status, a key automotive OEM compliance certification. As a result of achieving Ford Q1, Marshall Electric has more than doubled its business from $12 million to $26 million since implementation of QAD in 2010.

“We investigated other ERP systems, like SAP and other mid-level software but QAD offered the only solution that met our specific requirements such as China-ready internationalization,” said Dan Miller, president of Marshall Electric Corporation. “Recommended by another QAD customer as a solution with superior support to achieve Ford Q1 status, the decision to move forward with QAD On Demand was easy.”

QAD On Demand with its built-in process maps enabled Marshall Electric to efficiently meet Materials Management Operations Guidelines/Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) Level A requirements. This is a mandatory requirement that proves to Ford that the supply chain management processes in use at Marshall Electric follow best practices and are deemed world-class. With Ford Q1, Marshall Electric is viable to gain business from Ford and from other automotive manufacturers as well.

QAD On Demand allows Marshall Electric to continue to simplify operations and communications between their Chinese manufacturing facility and their U.S. warehouse. As a result of these efficiencies with QAD On Demand, and implementation of MMOG/LE best practices, Marshall Electric has been able to sustain continued growth and productivity, adding only one new full-time employee to their office staff and requiring no IT in-house staff.

“For more than 20 years, QAD has worked with automotive suppliers, the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) in the U.S. and with Odette in Europe, to develop the methods and systems that help automotive manufacturers become more effective,” said Terry Onica, QAD senior director, automotive vertical. “Our customers have come to rely on QAD to help them discover low-cost solutions with fast implementation for opportunities in key markets, such as Brazil, Russia, India and China.”

The China-ready internationalization of QAD On Demand enables Marshall Electric to effectively communicate its requirements with its Chinese suppliers. This supports greater supply chain visibility and enhances fact-based decision making.

Moreover QAD On Demand enables Marshall Electric to automate supply chain processes that increase productivity. QAD has helped Marshall Electric to streamline customer demand processes, reducing manual processing from four hours to one.

“With QAD, we’ve gained the keys to success with our single integrated ERP system,” added Miller. “We’re growing in this economy because we are able to operate at peak efficiency–and with QAD On Demand, we’re equipped with agile tools. We’re focused on delivering the right solution to balance demand and supply while reducing inventory, meeting stringent quality standards and demanding delivery schedules. This results in delighting our customers and winning new business.”

About Marshall Electric Corporation

Marshall Electric Corporation manufactures and sells ignition coils across the globe, with distribution centers in Indiana, Wales, and Southern China. It offers automotive original equipment manufacturer ignition coils, in the traditional remote mounting and coil on plug design. The company custom designs ignition coils to meet the customer’s requirements. Its customers include companies in the automotive, motorcycle, recreational and industrial industries. Marshall Electric Corporation was founded in 1974 and is headquartered in Rochester, Indiana. For more information about Marshall Electric Corporation, visit