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St. Cloud, Minn., March 15, 2010 — ProcessPro, developers of ProcessPro® Premier, recently partnered with Genesis R&D SQL. Linked to ProcessPro® Premier software, ESHA Port SQL permits easy imports of pertinent data such as bills of material and raw materials to Genesis R&D SQL, nutritional labeling software.

“Our partnership couldn’t be more timely considering the very recent FDA Open Letter sent to all food manufacturers regarding labeling violations,” says Joe Blauert, President of ProcessPro. The integration of these two software systems provides the tools necessary for food and supplement manufacturers to manage complex multiple level formulas as well as manage and provide the information necessary for labeling according to FDA regulations.

“In the past, all of the information that was printed on a product label had to be entered separately from the manufacturing system,” says Shanon Odegaard, ProcessPro Product Manager. “One of the greatest advantages of integrating these two systems is that all of the labeling information is tracked during the manufacturing process, and nothing needs to be reentered. This guarantees accuracy in labeling, supporting the requirements outlined by the FDA.”

Several other features in Genesis support multiple needs for labeling and tracking for manufacturers. For example, the system checks the raw materials on the recipe that are selected for exporting to be sure that they have been converted to gram weight. A wizard interface allows the user to choose which BOMs should be exported. BOMs cannot be exported when errors occur. Users can defi ne where the fi les are for recipes, nutrients, and items. Many more features are available as well.

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