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St. Cloud, Minn., December 17, 2010 — ProcessPro, developers of ProcessPro® Premier ERP software, recently adopted the Agile software development strategy. Agile software development is a philosophy and practice that embraces continuous planning and communication.

“A major benefit to adopting this methodology is improved efficiency,” says Shanon Odegaard, ProcessPro Product Manager. “Two week time frames called sprints are designated to schedule customer projects and ProcessPro® Premier product development. By planning the work in two week sprints, development is less interrupted, therefore increasing efficiency. There is an expectation that at the end of the two week sprint the work committed to is completed.”

Another benefit in utilizing Agile is improved project visibility. Projects and statuses are more visible because the work is tracked in a Product Backlog and a Sprint Backlog. A product backlog shows all pending work. A sprint backlog shows all work in process. By providing visibility to these reports, internal staff are able to determine where a project is at in the sprint cycle and communicate that information more effectively to the customer.

“Ultimately, our goal is improved customer service and satisfaction,” says Molly Caron, ProcessPro Sr. VP of Operations. “Account Managers will be able to provide more accurate delivery dates to our clients once the project goes into the sprint cycle.”

ProcessPro® Premier ERP is a fully integrated, real time ERP that offers a complete system from beginning sales order entry through the manufacturing and accounting process. For more information about ProcessPro® Premier and how it can meet your specific process manufacturing requirements, visit

ProcessPro® Premier is the leading mid-market ERP software solution for the process manufacturing industry. Designed specifically for manufacturers that combine batches of mixtures, ProcessPro® Premier seamlessly integrates all aspects of plant operation, from beginning order entry through manufacturing, packaging, shipping and accounting. ProcessPro® Premier is available with full source code and is sold and supported directly by ProcessPro. Visit ProcessPro’s web site at or call 800/457-3548 for more information.

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