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Panorama will be conducting an ERP Boot Camp in Chicago on May 21 & 22. We pride ourselves on intentionally making this a small group learning event, so seats are limited. Whether you’re considering a change to your ERP system(s), in the middle of implementation, or trying to measure the effectiveness of your new software, this is a great opportunity to gain independent knowledge.

The Strategy is the Backbone

While we’ll talk about many relevant subjects like the pros and cons of cloud vs. on-premise, Boot Camp provides much-needed parameters and discussion around the enterprise strategy that must be in place for each successful ERP implementation. There is a methodology and a cadence that should guide each successful implementation. All too often the focus is on software selection, and while relevant, it pales in importance to having an effective plan. In our experience as consultants, picking the wrong software is rarely the cause of implementation failure.

We mention this because it is far more common for Boot Camp attendees to have experience or opinions about software selection. Discussing the importance of an enterprise vision (and how to build one) sometimes gets lost in the excitement of choosing modern ERP software.

Software Selection and Its Role

At Boot Camp, you won’t hear from ERP software vendors, who typically tend to heavily promote the perceived benefits of purchasing “their” software. We will discuss vendor-specific software and what to watch for and what to watch out for. Boot Camp is all about what you need to hear vs. entities telling you what you want to hear.

Whether you’ve chosen your software or want to get a better idea of how to do so, there’s something to learn for everyone. Do you understand how software vendors’ price their products and how much room there is for negotiation? Will the software do more than automate some of your current processes? We’ll talk about related subjects like Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things.

SAP vs. Oracle Case Study

SAP and Oracle both invest heavily in cloud technology. However, our client was skeptical about cloud scalability and unsure if the products were mature and proven.

What happens at Boot Camp?

We will be discussing/dissecting real-life situations and solutions. While Panorama will spearhead the conversation, the dialogue and learning are interactive and collaborative. Lock yourself in a room for two days with people responsible for projects (that their jobs may depend on), and you’d be amazed at how effective, creative and unfiltered the conversation becomes. Boot Camp will rekindle what you know, what you’ll relearn and what you’ll become proficient at with practice.

Failing is an Option We Don’t Recommend

Maybe it starts with making sure that your steering committee is on the same page as your project team; you can’t over-communicate to gain ongoing support for your project. Boot Camp provides an arsenal of tools and methods of how to do this. Effective communication will build allies and you’ll want to hear what we have to say about funding an effective organizational change management initiative. These are only a couple of important topics we’ll explore.

While there is never a good time to disrupt our busy work schedules, participating in Boot Camp might be a welcome reboot of learning and ideas. It will equip you while informing you. We hope you’ll consider the investment of time. Register now.