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Since our merger with TPG Solutions, we have seen a lot of changes around Panorama! As of Tuesday night, we have moved offices to Centennial, Colorado (a suburb of Denver) to better serve our expanding staff. We’ve also changed our phone number to 720-515-1ERP (or 720-515-1377) so don’t forget to update your address books. But the change we’re most excited about has to do with our expanded competencies. To whit, we now offer both IT staffing and IT support for organizations in the midst of (or planning) ERP system overhauls, ERP implementations or any other large-scale IT project. Our new service areas include:

IT Staffing

Following are just some of the project-based consultants and experts that Panorama can now provide to your ERP implementation, IT project or IT department:

  • ERP implementation project managers and program managers
  • Organizational change managers
  • Business process analysts
  • Data strategy and data migration analysts
  • Solution architects and system integration experts
  • System and business process testing managers and analysts
  • ERP system trainers
  • Functional experts in financials, accounting, supply chain management (SCM), warehouse management (WMS), logistics, customer relationship management (CRM), and other key ERP modules
  • Functional experts in SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, JD Edwards, and Tier II ERP solutions

IT Strategy

Panorama helps organizations define their ERP, CRM and IT strategy to best realized business benefits through the following consulting activities:

  • Definition of business and IT strategic vision for the next five to ten years
  • Assessment of the current portfolio of enterprise systems and IT infrastructure
  • Benchmarking of current strategy and environment with leading domestic andinternational companies
  • Cost-benefit assessment of portfolio of current enterprise systems
  • Cost-benefit and ROI analysis for potential replacement systems, such as ERP, CRM, financials, accounting, supply chain management, manufacturing, and other core enterprise systems
  • Evaluation of potential IT and enterprise system options
  • Definition of potential five-year roadmap for implementing the new ERP and IT strategy

But even though we’ve changed, much remains the same: we still offer independent consulting services related to ERP system evaluation and software selection, implementation and organizational change management. If you have any questions about our new competencies or would like to discuss how Panorama might help your organization best manage its IT projects, please do not hesitate to call the number above or e-mail [email protected].