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June 2, 2008 – Denver, Colorado – Swingle Lawn, Tree & Landscape Care, Colorado’s premier landscape care services provider, recently updated their core customer service and accounting software through an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Swingle has seen substantial growth, both through their market branding efforts and their nine individual company acquisitions over the past 3 years. The selection of the correct ERP solution is anticipated to help Swingle keep pace with their growth and expand the use of newer technologies to improve efficiencies in servicing their clients with their fleet of 170 vehicles.

Swingle’s first step was to choose a consultant that could help evaluate theoptions for ERP. Selection criteria for the consultant included choosing a firm  that was technology neutral and an expectation of looking at many industry specific vendors in addition to the traditional ERP solution providers. Panorama Consulting Group was selected as Swingle’s consultant. After guiding the selection of the software vendors, Panorama was responsible for organizing hardware selection, configuration of all systems and coordination of training/implementation activities.

John Gibson, Swingle’s Director of Operations, led the efforts and collaborated with a number of other Swingle employees who made up their technology team. “The selection of a new ERP solution for our business was a significant undertaking that we did not have the expertise or resources on staff to accomplish successfully. Thanks to Panorama’s experienced staff and thoughtful guidance, we were able to continue business as usual for our clients and work in the background on technology improvements. The process took months of planning to select the products we thought best for our long term vision. We were very pleased with Panorama and their willingness to work within our framework of needs and our timeline. So much so, that Swingle was proud to award Panorama Consulting Group our “Partnership in Business Award.” said Gibson.

About Panorama Consulting Group

Founded in 2005, Panorama Consulting Group is a consulting firm specializing in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) market for companies globally. Independent of affiliation, Panorama helps firms evaluate and select ERP software, manages the implementation of the software, and facilitates all related organizational changes to assure that each of its clients realize the full business benefits of their ERP implementation. More information can be found on their website,