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Panorama Consulting Solutions, the world’s leading independent enterprise resource planning (ERP) consulting firm, has appointed the UK-based IT training consultancy Optimum as its partner to provide clients globally with end-user training solutions.

Optimum specializes in designing, developing and delivering tailored, job-specific training programs to ensure that an organization’s employees can use its new ERP system confidently and correctly from go live.

Both firms are ERP agnostic and Optimum, with its broad experience and bank of specialist training consultants, can train on any of the 150 systems that Panorama implements for clients.

The partnership with Panorama is recognition of the success of Optimum’s offshore service that has proven to be a highly effective and cost efficient way of working overseas.  The service is extremely flexible and can be tailored to any scenario, working both face-to-face with clients and remotely from the UK as required.

“We are delighted to be able to add our specific skillset to Panorama’s world-renowned service and further extend their offering to clients,” said Joanne Harrison, Optimum’s Director of Sales.

The foundation of the service offering is a detailed training plan identifying who needs training, in what, where, when and how.  From there, fully documented courses, lesson plans, exercises, materials and reference guides are developed.  Optimum training consultants can give clients the skills and resources to deliver their own end-user training or provide any level of on-site support.  The training consultants use email and online conference tools to communicate with clients and adjust their working hours in the UK to overcome any time difference issues.

Over the last 17 years, Optimum has developed ERP training solutions for over 380 clients in both the private and public sectors, supporting over 250,000 end-users.  Its training consultants have worked across the globe from Europe to Asia, with extensive experience in North America.

“Any ERP system is only as good as the people who actually use it,” noted Harrison. “But organizations often underestimate firstly the vital importance of giving individual, job-specific training and then the skills and resources needed to provide that training.  We fill that gap.”

About Optimum: Optimum is the IT training consultancy specializing in end-user systems training. Its mission is to bring people and technology together to ensure maximum value from business systems. This is achieved by using its proven methodology to develop tailored, user focused training solutions to ensure that clients’ staff fully engage with their business systems to achieve the maximum return on investment.  Based in central London, Optimum is an Accredited Learning Provider of the Learning & Performance Institute.

About Panorama Consulting Solutions: Panorama Consulting Solutions is the world’s leading independent enterprise resource planning (ERP) consulting firm for mid- to large-sized organizations around the world. Independent of affiliation, Panorama facilitates the evaluation and selection of ERP software, manages ERP implementation, and expedites all related organizational change to ensure that each of its clients realize the full business benefits of their ERP systems. Panorama maintains a global presence with current offices in Denver, Chicago, Boston, Houston, New York, San Francisco, Lima and Dubai.