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Jenzabar Cloud Offerings Gain Momentum

Jenzabar, Inc., a leading provider of software, strategies, and services for higher education, announced today that more than 40 higher education institutions elected to deploy their Jenzabar solution in the cloud. Institutions are choosing Jenzabar Cloud Services to replace aging hardware, improve overall reliability, and to free up their IT resources to focus on other operational and strategic business needs.

With rising concerns about efficiency, staffing, and business continuity, institutions are seeking cloud technology environments to help position them for future growth. Jenzabar Cloud Services creates a flexible and stable digital experience that is designed to meet changing institutional needs. An affordable, secure, and responsive solution, Jenzabar’s cloud offering is easily scalable and resources can be determined and adjusted based on actual day-to-day usage or peak demand periods, ensuring users get the best IT experience possible.

“Do all of our clients have an institutional-wide cloud computing strategy in place? No. But we are seeing a strong upswing in the number of clients who come to us for help with their institutional-wide strategy. Two of our newest clients will be hosting Jenzabar JX in the cloud,” said Ben Bassett, Vice President and General Manager of Jenzabar Cloud Services. “Several of our hosted clients experienced an external or unforeseen issue that caused their system to crash or a budgetary problem, influencing them to suddenly and quickly move to a cloud solution. We’re encouraging our clients to put together their cloud strategy, because the cloud is a great choice to enhance services and reduce staff time spent on maintaining systems and other critical aspects of their own datacenter.”

Jenzabar offers cloud services for all of our solutions including Jenzabar ERPs, Jenzabar Recruitment, and Jenzabar’s Continuing Education solution, Higher Reach. With cloud and hosted solutions, colleges and universities receive additional IT resources and can more easily keep technology secure and current.

“Institutions have limited resources and time. Purchasing and leveraging the latest technologies and upgrades is a challenge,” said Robert A. Maginn, CEO of Jenzabar, Inc. “Our customers are finding the cloud to be a ‘no brainer’ in order to provide additional resources and expanded services to constituents.”