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New Oracle In-Memory Application Unlocks Insights From Structured and Unstructured Data to Enhance Decision Making

News Summary

Projects often fail due to cost overruns, inadequate resources, improper staffing and lack of visibility. Oracle has introduced Oracle’s PeopleSoft In-Memory Project Discovery to help customers avoid project failures by proactively providing visibility into projects and resources. By taking advantage of the extreme performance delivered by Oracle Engineered Systems, the new Oracle In-Memory Application unites structured and unstructured data to help provide a full picture of project operations and help customers gain a competitive advantage.

News Facts

  • To help organizations improve the performance and profitability of projects, Oracle today announced availability of Oracle’s PeopleSoft In-Memory Project Discovery, a new Oracle In-Memory Application for PeopleSoft Applications.
  • PeopleSoft In-Memory Project Discovery helps customers improve decision making and gain a competitive advantage by providing visibility into projects and resources in ways that traditional data warehouse reporting tools cannot.
  • The unparalleled level of insight into projects delivered by PeopleSoft In-Memory Project Discovery is made possible by Oracle Endeca Information Discovery and Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine, one of the Oracle Engineered Systems.
  • Oracle’s In-Memory Applications are certified and supported only on Oracle Engineered Systems, one more reason why Oracle applications run best on Oracle systems.
  • PeopleSoft In-Memory Project Discovery provides the ability to relate unstructured data (data stored in text fields and files) to structured data. It also allows customers to analyze keywords, structured data and unstructured data in Oracle’s PeopleSoft Services Automation suite, turn them into reporting dimensions in real-time, and view the results in a collection of pre-configured analytic tools.
  • With PeopleSoft In-Memory Project Discovery, project professionals can search and filter on keywords relating to projects and resources, refine filters, display results graphically, and drill into the source transactions in the PeopleSoft Project Costing, Resource Management, and Program Management applications.
  • In addition, the dynamic interface helps project executives, managers and financial staff to visualize and interact with project data and take proactive measures to address the factors affecting resource supply and demand and project financial performance.
  • By empowering the project-driven enterprise with an intuitive, packaged solution to gain insight, PeopleSoft In-Memory Project Discovery helps customers increase project profitability, reduce project cost overruns, and identify and mitigate project risk.

Unlock the Value Trapped in Unstructured Project and Resource Data

  • With PeopleSoft In-Memory Project Discovery, organizations can interrogate project information and answer complex questions in ways and at speeds that were not previously feasible.
  • PeopleSoft In-Memory Project Discovery helps organizations to more easily solve business challenges that require the review of unstructured data.  PeopleSoft In-Memory Project Discovery helps:
    • Identify the root causes of project success and failure when the documentation regarding project challenges is stored in text fields associated with projects.
    • Identify the drivers that contribute to the financial and operational performance of projects when the reasons behind performance are stored in text associated with the projects.
    • Reduce the time to fill resource requests and drive resource utilization higher by quickly searching the text of resumes and work experience logs of a distributed workforce.
    • Raise resource utilization and improve competitiveness through early detection of resource supply and demand disparities.
    • In an emergency, rapidly identify the value of the projects where a particular risk or issue has been described in the text associated with a project.
    • Drive better project results with little to no additional data gathering and effort through proactive monitoring and alerts.
    • Tighten project and resource controls by detecting patterns of behavior not visible through traditional structured analytics.
  • Oracle’s PeopleSoft In-Memory Project Discovery is designed to offer users the ability to increase project efficiency, decrease project costs, improve project outcomes, overcome project challenges and reduce project risk.

Supporting Quotes

  • “Projects accumulate mountains of data, yet when information is difficult to access or understand in a timely manner, organizations risk exposure to significant legal, financial and safety risks,” said Paco Aubrejuan, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle’s PeopleSoft. “With Oracle’s PeopleSoft In-Memory Project Discovery, customers can turn complex information into actionable insights. By taking advantage of Oracle Engineered Systems and Oracle Endeca Information Discovery, this new in-memory application helps organizations reduce the risk of project failure and arms them with the data they need to promote successful projects.”
  • “PeopleSoft In-Memory Project Discovery is an incredibly powerful tool that we expect will provide unprecedented insight into projects. We view the release of this innovative application as a clear sign that Oracle is committed to providing solutions that will help organizations like ours drive profitable operations,” said Joel Wiersma, Director of IT at CIBER, Inc.