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Oracle Healthcare Precision Medicine accelerates and expands collaboration from genetic testing through clinician decision-making for better, targeted outcomes

To advance the evolving field of precision medicine, Oracle Health Sciences today announced Oracle Healthcare Precision Medicine. This first-of its kind software solution connects genetic testing, report generation, and clinical care decision-making to accelerate delivery of precision medicine while making it more attainable and affordable. With this solution, Oracle continues to support the paradigm shift in clinical research and healthcare, from a one-size-fits-all approach to combat disease to a methodology that treats biological variations of individual patients.

Precision medicine is revolutionizing drug development and healthcare. President Barack Obama described it as, “one of the greatest opportunities for new medical breakthroughs… ever seen.” Personalized medicines account for 42 percent of all drugs in development. With precision medicine treatments, survival rates for colorectal cancer have increased by 15 percent, while hospitalization for heart patients has declined by 30 percent.1 These promising numbers offer early glimpses into how precision medicine will dramatically improve patient outcomes and drive greater, overall efficiencies in research and healthcare.

Precision Medicine and Data Insight

The advancement of precision medicine involves targeting large amounts of genetic data from gene panels towhole genome sequencing (WGS). The task of identifying, reviewing, and acting on these biomarkers falls to three groups of specialists, the researcher (uncovering the biomarkers), the molecular pathologist (identifying the actionable biomarkers for a given condition), and the clinician (evaluating the resulting data and advising on treatment plans).

These groups face challenges in isolating clinically actionable information and creating individual diagnostic reports. Lack of traceability, scalability, data privacy/security, siloed tools, disparate terminologies, and varied workflows all contribute to their inability to collaborate on the best therapy for the patient. The kind of collective solution necessary to address these challenges did not exist—until now.

“Oracle is the authority in data management and analysis—even down to the molecular level,” said Steve Rosenberg, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Health Sciences. “Our translational solutions are used in 12 medical research institutions around the world. Applying our deep data expertise and healthcare innovation insight, we’ve developed Oracle Healthcare Precision Medicine, an innovative solution that supports advanced methodologies for personalized treatments. It is the next logical step in support of precision medicine.”

Simplifies Decision Making For Research Teams and Clinicians to Improve Patient Outcomes

Oracle Healthcare Precision Medicine addresses the data aggregation, knowledge exchange, normalization, and workflow issues that restrict the timely creation of patient molecular profiles. The solution allows a wide range of experts to conduct seamless collaborations on ‘best treatment’ plans for individual patients.

Key benefits of the solution include:

  • Full spectrum testing from gene panels through whole genome sequencing Accelerated test throughput via streamlined lab workflow for higher revenue and lower costs
  • Consistent report design and simplified clinical action planning
  • Complete traceability for compliance requirements
  • Integration with electronic health record (EHR) systems and third-party vendors for seamless clinical workflow and adoption

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