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Customers benefit from an end-to-end management solution for their Oracle technology stack, including MySQL

News Summary

Oracle To help customers simplify management of complex IT environments, Oracle is extending Oracle Enterprise Manager capabilities to MySQL databases. With this new offering, customers can manage complex deployments of Oracle technologies that include MySQL, either on-premises or in a cloud. Existing users of Oracle Enterprise Manager can now easily add MySQL to their environments. Oracle is also announcing new commercial extensions for MySQL Enterprise Edition, including new backup, auditing, and enterprise encryption capabilities.

News Facts

  • Oracle has extended the management and monitoring capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager to MySQL Enterprise Edition.
  • With this capability, customers can now manage their applications and technology stack, including web and departmental applications that rely on MySQL, all from a single console.
  • With Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database, customers can benefit from:
    • Auto-discovery of MySQL targets
    • Availability monitoring
    • Configuration and metrics collection
    • Performance dashboards
    • Configurable thresholds
  • With this solution, IT organizations and public cloud service providers can manage on-premises deployments as well as private and public clouds powered by Oracle technologies, including MySQL. It also provides an easy path for existing users of Oracle Enterprise Manager to adopt MySQL.
  • MySQL Enterprise Edition customers can download Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database, Release 5.5 and higher, which is available on Oracle Linux and other Linux distributions, Microsoft Windows, and Oracle Solaris.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database extends the list of Oracle products already integrated and certified with MySQL Enterprise Edition, including Oracle Secure Backup,Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Data Integrator, and Oracle GoldenGate.

New Commercial Extensions Available for MySQL Enterprise Edition

Oracle is also announcing the following new and enhanced commercial extensions available as part of MySQL Enterprise Edition:

  • New MySQL Enterprise Backup options including:
    • Back up and restore to the cloud, allowing users to back up MySQL directly to Amazon S3
    • Optimistic backup and object-level recovery, improving the speed and efficiency of the backup-and-restore process, including for large databases with infrequently modified tables
    • Binlog and relay log backup/recovery, simplifying server cloning for high availability and replication.
  • Enhanced MySQL Enterprise Audit functionalities that enable additional filtering by user accounts for more granular enterprise auditing and compliance
  • New MySQL Enterprise Encryption, improving data protection using public and private keys as well as asymmetric cryptography
  • A new Yum repository for MySQL Enterprise Edition, which allows organizations to maintain their own certified infrastructure, controlling versions, patching, and updates

Supporting Quote

  • “Many Oracle customers using Oracle Enterprise Manager also have instances of MySQL Enterprise Edition running within their organization,” said Tomas Ulin, vice president, MySQL Engineering, Oracle. “By offering Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database we are simplifying our customers’ IT management and monitoring environment, with a single integrated solution.”