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New Features Make MySQL Even Better for Web, Cloud, and Embedded Applications

Demonstrating its continued investment in MySQL, Oracle today announced the first development milestone release for MySQL 5.6, the world’s most popular open source database. The first MySQL 5.6 development milestone release delivers increased MySQL performance and scalability enhancements, an improved InnoDB storage engine, and enhanced replication capabilities. Several milestone releases of MySQL 5.6 are scheduled to be made available to the MySQL community during its development phase, each including a new set of stable features. In addition to the new features in this MySQL 5.6 development milestone release, the MySQL community can test significant new features such as NoSQL access to InnoDB via the Memcached protocol, via

New Features in MySQL 5.6

Focus on Increased Performance, Scalability and Flexibility

The first development milestone release of MySQL 5.6 delivers:

Increased performance and scalability, including:

  • An improved optimizer enabling better query performance.
  • More partitioning options providing faster access to relevant data.
  • An enhanced PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA facilitating better performance monitoring and tuning.

An improved InnoDB storage engine, offering: Persistent Optimizer Statistics that produce improved, more predictable optimizer plans, as well as reduce start-up time.

  • Multi-threaded Purge delivering steady performance by making purge operations more efficient.
  • New INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables that provide more comprehensive resources information for performance tuning and troubleshooting.
  • Configurable Data Dictionary cache enabling DBAs to more efficiently deploy systems with a large number of tables.

Enhanced replication, providing:

  • New crash-safe slaves and replication checksums that improve data integrity and detect errors that could cause slave corruption.
  • Optimized row-based replication improving replication performance and reducing system resource consumption.
  • Time delayed replication providing DBAs more flexibility and Remote Binary Log Backup enabling them to create real-time backups from the binary log.

The following key features are also available through, for early testing:

  • High performance NoSQL access to InnoDB from Memcached, delivering the added flexibility of using NoSQL techniques to access InnoDB data.
  • New replication multi-threaded slaves which improve replication performance using multiple execution threads to apply replication events to slave servers.

“From significantly investing in the technology, to working closely with the community, Oracle continues to make MySQL better,” said Tomas Ulin, Oracle’s MySQL vice president of Engineering. “With this first MySQL 5.6 development milestone release, we are offering early access to new stable features for testing. Oracle continues to innovate and enhance the MySQL Database, delivering a higher performing, more scalable, reliable, and easier to use MySQL.”

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