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Barcelona, Spain – September 28th, 2010. Openbravo, the leading developer of web-based open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for businesses, has extended its open source ERP leadership with early support for PostgreSQL 9.0, a landmark release of the popular open source database.

With over 200 improvements (including support for 64-bit Windows) PostgreSQL 9.0 provides the combination of functionality, performance, easy administration and overall polish required by the most demanding database customers. The new streaming replication and hot standby features work together to address enterprise high availability needs and real-time reporting / business intelligence requirements, by allowing load-balanced read-only queries to be run against the standby server(s).

Openbravo’s early embrace of PostgreSQL 9.0 is a testament to the ability of the open source ecosystem to work together to deliver superior business value to the market. Paolo Juvara, Openbravo’s CTO, commented: “At Openbravo we have witnessed the rapid improvement in capabilities, robustness and performance that PostgreSQL delivered to its users over the years. It was very important for us to enable our community to enjoy the innovations of PostgreSQL 9.0 as early as possible, and Openbravo’s agile development practices allowed us to do just that. They include a mature level of continuous integration, and a rapidly growing suite of automated QA tests. These broad, highly parallelized regression tests, which issue over 25 000 SQL statements, immediately proved to us that we could support PostgreSQL 9.0 with minimal changes. They also showed us that version 9.0 is more efficient for our application on the same hardware, with the run time decreasing from 18 minutes down to 14 minutes!”.