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Middleton, MA—March 22, 2010 – Exact, a leading provider of business software solutions, is pleased to announce Exact Planner, a new production planning solution that helps users improve production performance and save real cash previously wasted with poor production planning. Exact Planner is ideal for companies currently using homegrown spreadsheets or project-based production systems that are not integrated with their Exact Macola solution.

Meaningful and systematic production scheduling takes into account many variables, including demand stream, inventories, available resource capacities, material planning, existing workload, and cash flow. Its role is vital in shops with high-mix, low-volume production, but the complexities of scheduling often present challenges that can lead to inefficiencies and extra costs. Exact Planner helps reduce hidden costs of non-integrated scheduling by helping companies reduce waste in the manufacturing process.

“Many of our customers are challenged with managing their production schedule outside of their core business system,” said Harry Merkin, VP of Marketing for Exact Americas. “By combining good scheduling capabilities with ERP, our customers can significantly improve the results of their manufacturing, customer service, inventory management, and purchasing processes with impact to the bottom line.”

With Exact Planner backing up sound planning principles, companies can gain a better handle on their overall production capacity as well as capacity of individual work centers. This allows them to more accurately predict when finished goods will be available and the implications of real-time scheduling adjustments are better understood.

“In simultaneous production of diverse jobs, using shared resources of finite capacity, the real-time decisions for scheduling mixed workloads has a domino effect on production that cannot be easily predicted,” said Mike McPherson, Product Marketing Manager for Exact Planner. “With our integrated planning solution, the diverse workload is efficiently scheduled, allowing our customers to improve shop production performance without requiring enhancements to their capacity.”

By helping Exact customers plan and schedule more efficiently, Exact Planner can be deployed now to help them do more with their current resources, providing a true competitive advantage as the economy transitions into a recovery phase and production demands begin to increase.

Exact Planner at Engage 2010 Exact will feature Exact Planner as well as other products and services at Engage 2010, the company’s annual user conference. Held in Orlando, FL, April 11-14, Engage offers a truly unique opportunity for the entire Exact community to join forces for three days of networking, education, and insight.

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