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Middleton, MA—March 15, 2010 – Exact, a leading provider of business software solutions, is pleased to announce Exact eCommerce, a new solution that helps manufacturers and distributors of all shapes and sizes connect directly with their customers by integrating a web store and online order management system with their core Exact ERP system.

Using Exact eCommerce, a company can grow and manage online business across multiple sales channels, websites and international regions. You can even publish separate business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) websites from the same control panel—each with its own pricing, content, promotions, and purchase rules—for dealers, distributors, retailers, and OEMs.

According to AMR Research, “B2B has unique characteristics and levels of complexity, in most cases, that [B2C] platforms simply aren’t designed to address.” The key to managing the complexity created by B2B ecommerce is integrating to the core ERP system. And since “most manufacturing companies have now spent heavily on ERP investments which have become the complete hub for the organization…[the] single greatest advantage to relying on an incumbent ERP vendor is simplicity,” (AMR Research, The B2B Commerce Platform—Building a House of Stone).

With Exact eCommerce, inventory, prices, order status, and item descriptions are all automatically updated in real-time on web pages that can be developed with the same design as the client‘s website, ensuring that their brand is never diluted. By providing an extensive integration between the Exact ERP system and the web store, Exact eCommerce dramatically reduces the overhead many Exact users are currently faced with when thinking of adding an online order system or web store.

“People and businesses are using the Internet to streamline the buying experience with increasing regularity,” said Harry Merkin, VP of Marketing for Exact Americas. “Offering your customers the ability to place an order and get automatic updates can be a true competitive advantage, and Exact eCommerce allows you to do it without creating a nightmare of duplicate data entry and manual synchronization processes behind the scenes.”

Exact eCommerce supports the most important features companies exploring ecommerce will need, including customer-based pricing, the ability to automatically pull orders from the web into the Exact ERP system, and the ability to update inventory information on the website in real time so customers don’t order items that are already out of stock. Exact eCommerce also offers automatic replication, allowing buyers to enter orders onto the website even if the connection to the Exact ERP system were to temporarily fail. As soon as the connection is restored, the site will automatically synchronize with the ERP system without operator intervention.

Exact eCommerce and Engage 2010
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