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Barcelona, Spain – September 23rd, 2010. The open source software market is at a turning point, reveals a new report released by Accenture.

The survey of executives at 300 UK, US and Irish organizations with annual revenue in excess of US$500 million, found that quality is the driving force for software adoption, with over 69% of respondents anticipating increased investment in 2010, and 38% expecting to migrate mission-critical software to open source in the next twelve months.

Half of the respondents said they are ‘fully committed to open source in their business’. Furthermore, two-thirds of all respondents (65%) said they have a fully documented strategic approach for using open source in their business, while another third (32%) are developing a strategic plan. Almost nine out of ten (88%) of the organizations using open source said they will increase their investment in the software in 2010 compared to 2009.

At Openbravo we are experienced in delivering mission critical open source solutions. Our expertise is in bringing these innovative features and outstanding business benefits to our clients. Openbravo’s web based open source ERP is providing world class quality and reliability. The Accenture survey backs this up, with 76% of respondents citing quality as the key benefit provided by open source; 71% stating improved reliability; and 70% naming better security and bug fixing as key benefits.

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