Although business spending on IT, ERP software, and other enterprise technologies decreased by 5%+ in the poor US economy in 2009, Panorama Consulting Group bucked the trend by posting record results for the year. For the fiscal year ending December 31, 2009, Panorama’s revenue increased 68% over 2008, while company profit increased 233%.

There are five main reasons why Panorama has been able to continue its aggressive growth in a weak economy:

  1. Independence. Whether its helping select the right ERP software vendor or implementing enterprise technologies, companies are finding value in our objectivity and technology-agnostic approach.
  2. Client aversion to business risk and cost. Our clients realize that leveraging our expert ERP software selection, implementation, and organizational change management services reduces cost and risk, both in the short-term and long-term.
  3. We are the best in the industry. Companies are being more selective with their consultants by demanding to work with firms with strong expertise, research, and methodologies to make their ERP implementations successful. Panorama is simply the best in the industry at providing these values.
  4. Strong client references. As demonstrated in our recent press release about one of our successful ERP projects, our clients are the strongest proponents of the value we bring.
  5. Focus on organizational change and benefits realization. Companies are no longer looking to simply investing in technology; they are looking for real and measurable impacts on their operations and people. Panorama’s approach and value proposition helps companies do just that.

Because of these five factors, we are projecting an even stronger 2010. We will continue to grow, hire the best people in the ERP industry, and add measurable value to ERP engagements across the globe. Most importantly, we will continue to make our clients increasingly successful with their software selection and ERP implementation initiatives.

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