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EnterpriseIQ’s Comprehensive ERP Solution and Industry-Specific Tools Contributing Factors in Medivative Technologies’ Decision

IQMS, designer and developer of the manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, EnterpriseIQ, today announced that medical device manufacturer, Medivative Technologies, LLC., has selected IQMS to strengthen its manufacturing excellence with a comprehensive system that will improve visibility and traceability.

Medivative Technologies, LLC previously dealt with dual business systems. One system was designed to handle Medivative’s product lifecycle management (PLM) and documentation needs while the other served as a material requirements planning (MRP) system. Understanding first-hand the issues associated with disparate systems, Medivative was looking to purchase one integrated solution that would further improve its forecasting, scheduling, purchasing and customer relationship management (CRM) needs. Medivative considered four other companies before selecting IQMS.

“We were impressed to see how IQMS has developed into a comprehensive ERP solution with a full set of features to support medical device manufacturing,” said Bjoern Gottschild, director of IT at Medivative Technologies, LLC. “All the required tools to support our new medical device manufacturing operation were well integrated into IQMS’ core package.”

Medivative Technologies, LLC desired improved access and visibility to its key performance indicators to better meet client requirements. The company is especially pleased with EnterpriseIQ’s features for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance (such as electronic records and electronic workflow signatures), closed loop corrective and preventative action (CAPA) tools and full document management with change control to fulfill those requirements.

“Medical device manufacturing requires detailed traceability and that is an area in which EnterpriseIQ excels,” said Glenn Nowak, vice president of IQMS. “Medivative Technologies has the drive to be a benchmark medical device maker and we are pleased to be assisting in their progress.”

“We received very good feedback from several of IQMS’ existing customers. Additionally, all of IQMS’ representatives have been very forthcoming and supportive to all our requests,” said Gottschild. “We felt that our questions were answered and that we were helped to get a very good in-depth system overview before we made a decision.”


About Medivative Technologies, LLC

Medivative Technologies, LLC was established in 2002 as a contract manufacturer for the life sciences industry. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aircom Manufacturing, Inc., Medivative Technologies, LLC draws upon Aircom’s 50 years of experience in metal fabrication, injection molding, tooling, electro-mechanical manufacturing, assembly, testing and packaging. Aircom’s core capabilities provide Medivative with the advantage of operating at a low-overhead facility while using GMP-compliant processes and approaches to medical device manufacturing.