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Earlier this year, Panorama Consulting published its 2008 ERP Report, which revealed the results of our study of over 1,300 ERP implementations across the globe (click here to read the report). This week, we launched our survey to start gathering results for our 2009 benchmark study.

Last Year’s ERP Report Reveals Interesting Facts About ERP Implementations

  • 93% take longer to implement than planned
  • 65% cost more than expected
  • The average implementation cost is 9% of annual revenue
  • Only 57% are satisfied with the outcome of their ERP initiatives
  • There are 8 key factors that differentiate the best-in-class ERP implementations from the lower-performing projects
  • Specific ERP solutions vary significantly in terms of average implementation cost, duration, and satisfaction

How does your organization’s ERP results compare with the findings of last year’s study? Click here to take the survey, which takes 20-30 minutes to complete. Participants will receive a free copy of the report. We also invite ERP software vendors to invite their customers to participate. The study is designed for companies who are either conducting an ERP software selection process, in the process of implementing ERP, or have already completed implementation.