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Ottawa, Canada, September 14, 2010

News Facts:

  • The S&OP Experts Blog Series launches today, giving readers the opportunity to gather insight and perspectives from leading industry experts on sales and operations planning trends and strategy.
  • The interview series is hosted on the 21st Century Supply Chain, the widely-read industry blog from Kinaxis, providers of the on-demand supply chain management and S&OP service, RapidResponse™.
    • The series will feature a weekly Q&A with an industry thought leader, including top research analysts, consultants, industry and press, on topics such as:
    • The impetus behind the surge of activity around S&OP.
    • The lack of clarity and consistency in defining S&OP.
    • The relevance of maturity models for S&OP.
    • The top priorities for a company looking to evolve its S&OP processes.
    • The different ways organizations can enable cross-functional cooperation and collaboration to effectively manage S&OP.
  • A follow-up question and answer session will be hosted in the S&OP section of the Supply Chain Expert Community. Registered community members may submit their questions for the expert of the week.
  • The Q&A series starts today with a post from Lora Cecere, a partner with Altimeter Group. In her post, Lora explains the differences between common S&OP practices and optimal S&OP practices.
    “I define the process of S&OP as a cross-functional planning process to help organizations better sense, shape and respond to demand to maximize opportunity and mitigate risk. When it is done correctly, there is balance between the “S” in S&OP and the “OP.”

To Subscribe:

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Featured Guests:

The series will feature Q&A with the following experts:

  • Lora Cecere, Partner, Altimeter Group
  • Tom Wallace, Writer & Educator, TF Wallace & Company
  • Eric J. Tinker, Principal, Nexview Consulting
  • Simon Ellis, Practice Director, Supply Chain Strategies, Manufacturing Insights, an IDC Company
  • Andrew K. Reese, Editor, Supply & Demand Chain Executive
  • Steve Puricelli, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Management, Accenture
  • Bob Ferrari, Executive Editor of the Supply Chain Matters blog and Managing Director, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group LLC
  • Colleen “Coco” Crum, Managing Principal, Member of the Board of Directors, Oliver Wight Americas
  • Nari Viswanathan, VP, Principal Analyst, Supply Chain Management, Aberdeen Group
  • Atul Chandra Pandey, Industry Head – Enterprise Application Integration & Services, Infosys Technologies
  • Patrick Bower, Sr. Director, Corporate Planning & Customer Service, Combe Incorporated

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