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ATLANTA — Ross Systems, Inc. announced today that a jury in the Franklin County Circuit Court of the State of Alabama returned a verdict on Dec. 3, 2010, in litigation between Ross Systems, Inc. and Sunshine Mills, Inc., a major employer based in Red Bay, Alabama. In the lawsuit, Sunshine Mills alleged fraud related to the sale and implementation of a beta Ross ERP system in early 2005. The jury awarded a total of $61 million in damages to Sunshine Mills, of which approximately $16 million were compensatory damages, and $45 million of which were punitive damages. Ross denied these allegations and plans to appeal the verdict.

The jury reached this result despite the fact that:

  • Sunshine Mills acquired the Ross ERP beta system in 2005 and used the product for years before filing a lawsuit;
  • The Ross ERP system continues to be used by Sunshine Mills to this day;
  • Sunshine Mills has recently purchased services from Ross Systems to help them in their operations; and
  • The software at issue is being used successfully by many of Ross’ national and global customers, and has been for years.

“This is a sad day for the software industry,” said Sherri Rodriguez, president of Ross Systems. “These types of unfair judgments make it more and more challenging for software companies to operate. However, we will continue to focus on providing our thousands of customers with the world-class products and services they deserve and have successfully used for years. Moreover, our proven track record of delivering quality products and services to our many satisfied customers has led to consistently high maintenance retention rates over the years.”

“We feel that the jury’s award is contrary to the evidence and is excessive, especially since our enterprise license agreement with Sunshine Mills amounted to only about $235,000,” said Kenneth Thompson, general counsel of Ross Systems. “We plan to appeal and pursue every avenue available to us to overturn the verdict and to minimize, to the fullest extent possible, the amount of damages for which the company may ultimately be responsible. We are confident that justice will be served.”

A jury in the Franklin County Circuit Court of the State of Alabama returned a verdict on December 3, 2010, in litigation between Ross Systems, Inc. and Sunshine Mills, Inc. Sunshine Mills alleged various tort-based and other causes of action relating to the sale and implementation of a Ross ERP system for which Sunshine Mills had paid approximately $235,000. Ross Systems denied the allegations, alleging that Sunshine Mills knowingly purchased a beta version of the software and that Sunshine Mills’ claims were subject to various limitations contained in the agreement between the parties.

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