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Kenneth C. Green From the Campus Computing Project Moderates Panel Session

Jenzabar, Inc., a leading provider of software, strategies and services for higher education, shared customer perspectives on Cloud and Hosted strategies at EDUCAUSE 2013 in Anaheim, California on October 16. Reported as a top IT issue by EDUCAUSE, cloud computing is one of the fastest-changing aspects of higher education technology. Jenzabar delivered a corporate presentation titled “All Things Hosted: Developing an Institution-Wide Cloud Strategy” where panelists from Jenzabar client colleges and universities shared their perspective on cloud strategies as well as benefits on moving to a hosted model.

Jenzabar’s corporate presentation brought in over 150 attendees. Panel members included:

  • Alan Roberts, Director of Enterprise Services at Grove City College which uses Jenzabar Recruitment in the cloud.
  • Jacqui Spicer, CIO and VP for Information Technology at Baker College which recently selected Jenzabar’s SaaS-based ERP offering, Jenzabar JX.

Kenneth C. Green, Founder and Director of The Campus Computing Project, moderated the session along with Jenzabar’s Vice President and General Manager of Managed Services, Ben Bassett. Drawing on new data from the 2013 Campus Computing Survey, Green offered opening comments that “although a large proportion of campus CIOs and senior IT officers acknowledge that Cloud computing looms large in their future, to date only a small proportion of colleges and universities have migrated to the Cloud for many of the high-value ERP applications such as finance and student information systems. Moreover, only a small proportion of senior campus IT officers expect their institutions to be these Cloud-based ERP applications by 2018.”

Ben Bassett from Jenzabar noted that a small but growing number of Jenzabar campus clients have already migrated to various Cloud-based applications.  Jenzabar addresses this top IT issue through its Cloud services for all Jenzabar solutions including Jenzabar ERPs, Jenzabar Recruitment, and Jenzabar’s Continuing Education solution, Higher Reach. Jenzabar’s SaaS ERP solution allows campus IT teams to focus on critical activities while providing campus users with state-of-the-art ERP resources and solutions.