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Business process experts and system administrators gain new capabilities to help their companies cut costs and improve business processes with the new release of the SAP® Central Process Scheduling application by Redwood, now available from SAP AG (NYSE: SAP). Version 8.0 of the application helps cut costs by optimizing the way companies run their numerous, repetitive business-critical processes every day, such as order fulfillment, order-to-cash and period-end close activities. It enables system experts to automate, monitor and orchestrate these complex business processes, reduce end-to-end process times, and improve user experience and customer service.

The new release of the application brings adaptive, real-time, event-driven job scheduling and enterprise process-automation capabilities to even the most complex, heterogeneous IT and business environments. It empowers system experts with total transparency and control for automating these enterprise processes, including full virtual environment support, extended legacy and service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based process integration, and process-centric systems management. Extended enterprise management capabilities of SAP Central Process Scheduling 8.0 include inbound and outbound Web services and extended systems management automation. The solution integrates with the SAP® BusinessObjects™ solution portfolio, the SAP® Financial Closing cockpit and SAP® Crystal Reports® software. It delivers additional improvements, including business user-controlled workflow, extended mobile management functions and a simple, customizable desktop.

In period-end close activities, for example, customers using SAP Central Process Scheduling can easily reorganize their activities more efficiently to improve the overall speed to close. Period-end jobs within a process flow may be run sequentially or in parallel based on the optimum design. Users can simply drag and drop jobs within an intuitive visual workflow diagram, resulting in faster overall processing within the close cycle. Additionally, customers can monitor processes and system activity during peak times and rapidly reprioritize secondary processing that may be impacting more business-critical activities.

Customers spanning all geographies and industries have benefited from using SAP Central Process Scheduling. For instance, a global beverage company was able to achieve a 40 percent reduction in the execution of its overall defined processes; a global telecommunications company improved efficiency and resource utilization by applying event-driven automation to thousands of jobs daily; and a global-imaging technology leader realized a 42 percent improvement in its process management activities by adopting event-driven automation.

As part of the standard SAP enterprise software delivery lifecycle, SAP Central Process Scheduling by Redwood is wholly aligned with SAP solution direction and is fully supported by SAP. SAP Central Process Scheduling automates what matters most to SAP customers, from streamlining financial period-end close processes to automating SAP system copy end-to-end. For more information, visit

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