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ATLANTA – Mar 30, 2010 – Delivering on its customer-centric approach to enterprise applications, Infor today announced an enhanced version of its Customer Relationship Management solution, Infor CRM Epiphany Outbound Marketing. Leveraging a 13 customer panel including Pier 1 for feedback, the latest version of the product contains more than 39 feature enhancements to optimize customer relationships by integrating marketing, sales, and service.


Infor CRM Epiphany is a leading solution that helps companies run campaigns that align with customers’ preferences, tightly integrate marketing across all inbound and outbound channels, increase sales productivity by providing customer insight, manage marketing and sales resources more efficiently, and turn contact centers into profit centers.

The latest version of Infor CRM Epiphany Outbound Marketing includes External Data Access, allowing users to conduct real-time campaigning, increase flexibility in creating campaigns and leverage information from across the entire organization.
Enhancements to the solution’s outbound marketing functionality enable greater reusability of information to improve velocity and flexibility, providing marketers the ability to more rapidly create and execute campaigns and lists.

New functionality for e-mail marketing improves flexibility and personalization enabling marketers to create sophisticated and relevant e-mail campaigns.

What Others Say

“Pier 1 has successfully used Infor CRM Epiphany to conduct our outbound marketing campaigns for years, but the world of campaign marketing is changing at a break-neck pace,” said Brian Murphy, Customer Database Manager, Pier 1. “Infor has demonstrated its commitment to continuing to provide us with excellent customer service by involving us in the development and enhancement of the solution so that it evolves to meet our growing marketing needs.”

What We Say

“The latest version of Infor CRM Epiphany Outbound Marketing with External Data Access enables marketers to include information from anywhere in the organization, effortlessly incorporate acquisition data and adhere to any applicable restrictions,” said Jackie Palmer, senior product manager, CRM, Infor. “In addition, the ease of implementation provides companies a faster time to return on investment and a lower total cost of ownership.”

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