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End-To-End, Integrated Suite Available to Improve Healthcare Staffing by Focusing on Patient Needs and Staff Satisfaction

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 73,000 customers, today announced increased innovation and new investments for its Healthcare Workforce Management (WFM) suite, including new enhancements across Staffing and Scheduling, Acuity, Workloads and Assignments. Built specifically for the Healthcare industry, the Infor Healthcare WFM suite supports the end-to-end lifecycle by incorporating time & attendance, resource staffing and scheduling, and patient workloads and caregiver assignments with purpose-built functionality, integration to the electronic health record (EHR), embedded mobile capabilities, predictive performance analytics and a consumer-grade user interface.  Available on-premise or in the cloud, Infor can support the delivery of research and evidence-based patient care and empirical outcomes through this integrated WFM suite.

The recent acquisition of GRASP® Systems has allowed Infor to expand the capabilities of the Infor Healthcare WFM suite and allow organizations to automate patient care measurement and provide workload management through a time-tested methodology. New to the suite, and available in November 2014, Infor Care Workloads and Infor Care Assignments will extend the Infor Healthcare WFM suite to include research and evidence-based patient care requirements and intelligent caregiver assignments, respectively. By focusing on predictive patient demand (nursing work) and not staffing levels or intensities, the resulting hours per patient per day (HPPD) metrics allow each patient’s case to be unique. This approach creates a clear picture for staff-to-management communication and drives data rich business intelligence. Additionally, Infor Care Workloads integrates with the electronic health record, both prospectively and retrospectively, to allow the EHR to serve as the single data source for resource allocation and clinical documentation – strategically optimizing operations using resources. Infor Care Assignments can help reduce the time required by charge nurses in prepping assignments before each shift and enable a more fairly distributed workload, increasing employee satisfaction.

Developed with a new and intuitive user experience, enhanced product functionality and built-in business intelligence, Infor Care Workloads and Infor Care Assignments will allow for greater integration across the continuum of care through the use of Infor Cloverleaf, a market-leading, healthcare-specific, enterprise-caliber integration platform that can facilitate the movement of secure data through HL7 protocols.

Also available November 2014 in the Infor Healthcare WFM suite is a significant set of new enhancements for healthcare staffing and scheduling, integrated with time & attendance, acuity, workloads and assignments. New capabilities include:

  • Time-Off Planner integrated with the relief shift management, to allow for automatic creation of relief shifts when time off requests are approved
  • Self-Service Shift Swap functionality for healthcare scheduling.
  • Increased flexibility with shift labeling, to allow an organization to reuse a shift label across different jobs within the same team
  • Support for long term (template/budget) workload generation, and shorter term integration of workload requirements
  • Integration of workload and census data with Infor Care Workloads.
  • Integration of schedule information with Infor Care Workloads and Infor Care Assignments
  • New Staffing Center to focus in on day-of staffing needs
    • Shows the workload and census information coming from Infor Care Workloads
    • Indicates over or under staffing needs, to provide quick decision-making capabilities
    • Allows for easy access to book off employees and fill unassigned shifts
    • Provides a one-stop place for a staffing coordinator to manage the current day’s shifts

“Infor is committed to delivering an industry-leading WFM suite built for Healthcare, and is making significant strategic investments to address the high costs and complexities associated with the healthcare industries’ workforce,” said Barry P. Chaiken, M.D., chief medical information officer, Infor. “The ultimate goal for care givers, managers, and administrators is high quality, safe care. Delivering an end-to-end solution to support this goal, while lowering workforce costs, increasing care giver and manager productivity and satisfaction is a win-win for all parties across the continuum of care. Infor is excited to be the only vendor to bring this WFM suite to health care delivery systems globally.”