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Cable Solutions Lanka, Prime Packaging Lanka, and Quality Floors Lanka Ltd to enhance competitiveness with IFS Applications

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that Sri Lankan manufacturing sister companies Cable Solutions Lanka, Prime Packaging Lanka, and Quality Floors Lanka Ltd, have selected IFS Applications™ 9 as their company-wide enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Cable Solutions Lanka produces cables that are used across multiple industries including telecommunication, automotive, instrumentation, load-cell manufacturing, sensor manufacturing, and oil and gas. Prime Packaging Lanka, offers customers a wide range of products with particular emphasis on food and chemical packaging. Quality Floor Lanka, one of the leading flooring companies in Sri Lanka, offers a range of high-performance flooring solutions for both industrial and commercial use.

The companies are all expanding their operations and growing rapidly. To support their growth, the companies needed an ERP system that could be rapidly deployed and that is easy to use while offering robust industry functionality that facilitates business expansion.

The IFS solution will support the companies with mission-critical visibility and control of inventory and costs while helping to keep a record of activities on the production floor. Among the components selected are material requirements planning, costing, quality management, and shop floor reporting.

“All three companies are set for rapid expansion and future growth, so we require an ERP solution that meets our needs in terms of process efficiency, accuracy of data, and real-time updates while also possessing the ability to grow with us in the long term,” Pawan Tejwani, Managing Director of Cable Solutions Lanka, Prime Packaging Lanka and Quality Floors Lanka said. “IFS has a sterling reputation and we are confident that IFS Applications is the solution that will help drive our businesses forward and ensure that we achieve our goals.”

Shiraz Lye, Director Sales & Marketing South Asia for IFS, said, “Growing organizations like Cable Solutions, Prime Packaging and Quality Floors are in a challenging situation: they need to run their businesses in an increasingly competitive and demanding market, with limited resources and a limited IT staff. IFS Applications is ideally suited to support this type of company as we offer a world-class ERP system with easy-to-use yet comprehensive functionality that easily scales to suit business requirements.”

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