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, How to Find the Captain America for Your Vendor NegotiationLike Captain Steve Rogers (AKA Captain America), it is imperative to find a consulting firm that never compromises on communications. Whether you’re doing a new ERP implementation for S.H.I.E.L.D. or for your government agency, Panorama Government Solutions (PGS) maintains solid communications with you and the vendors. We are attentive to your specific issues and respond to your pain points. We have a great rapport with Tier I and II ERP vendors, giving us an advantage during negotiations.

Captain America always knows the actual cost of a mission. At PGS, we have thoroughly researched vendor costs. You don’t need to be a superhero to know that the best position to be in when negotiating prices and service is to know the actual costs to the vendor. While PGS may not have a Vibranium shield, we have something better…a proprietary database that gives us an excellent idea of how much wiggle room your project has to negotiate.

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Other “Mom and Pop” firms may save you money, but do so by sacrificing crucial functionality and costing you much more than your perceived savings. Vendor negotiations must be done in conjunction with helping you gather or validate your requirements so that you do not sacrifice functionality. We recently had a client that used a less expensive firm and they ended up with resources overseas that would not come on-site. Unfortunately, they ended up paying much more implementation costs.

ERP vendors have a product and want to sell as much of it as possible. They understand that money talks and a vendor that sees dollar signs will make a lot of concessions to create a long-term partnership with you. PGS will help you build the trust and credibility to improve the terms of your partnership and help deliver favorable rates to your organization. PGS saved a city in Florida over $500K in negotiations with Tyler Technologies.  The vendor was able to provide a best price due to the well-defined requirements and expectations.  It was a WIN-WIN for both the City and Tyler Technologies!

PGS has negotiation angles that can knock high prices out of the box, just like Captain America punching Red Skull into the next sequel. We understand the vendors are looking for long term revenue streams. We are able to position your organization as a customer of choice for their goods or services. We shape the terrain to let the vendors know that you are not a one-hit wonder. Your organization will be viewed as a long-term, profitable relationship – just like the Marvel Avenger’s franchise. Therefore, you will get much better rates and long term savings.

Written by Rich Farrell, Senior Account Executive at Panorama Government Solutions.