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LOS ANGELES, Nov 18, 2010 — Glovia International Inc., a subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited and a leading provider of extended ERP solutions for discrete manufacturing, announced today a strategic partnership with Heritage Global Solutions. Through this partnership, Glovia and Heritage Global Solutions will collaborate on projects, enabling our customers to become leaner and more profitable.

Heritage Global Solutions is a technology consulting firm that provides high quality and experienced information technology and project management services. Focused on deliverable solutions in areas such as data integration, legacy applications migration, custom software development, and security technology solutions, amongst others, they provide customers with additional business systems solutions. In this alliance, Heritage will focus on helping clients drive the transition from older or incomplete ERP environments to a solution maximizing business value in a tight economy.

Glovia’s ERP solution has evolved over 30 years from the original Chess technology to the current glovia G2 offering. The current product combines functionality compliant with international standards, enabling quick deployment and integration of production management systems globally. The system helps customers increase visibility by individually tracking the production, sales and inventory status of each business site and providing real-time access to accurate information, which results in better, faster decision-making. This capability leads to significantly reducing their costs, which is critical in today’s environment.

“We expect our customers and prospective customers, will greatly benefit from this partnership, with Glovia’s excellent product and implementation team collaborating with Heritage Group Solutions’ rich IT business consulting.” — James Gorham, EVP Sales & Delivery, Glovia International Inc.

“We are very excited to partner with Glovia. Heritage has built a presence evaluating and implementing ERP systems and we believe that the Glovia product suite is more nimble, easier to use and much less expensive than many of the ERP products on the market.” — Jeff Estep, President, Heritage Global Solutions.

About Heritage Global Solutions

Heritage Global Solutions started the company in 2003 using technology experts to assist our customers in building world class information systems for government and industry. Heritage professionals engage in customer projects to deliver the critical disciplines so essential for success in today’s complex environment. Heritage applies its experienced staff, low-overhead business model, and high standards for quality and performance to offer great technology solutions at competitive prices. Today, we still provide staff services to large companies such as NetApp Inc. for storage architecture design and program management, SAIC for software development support, and the State of California for ERP implementation support services. In addition, our Sourcing practice assists clients with ROI assessments and provides objective assistance in negotiating on the clients behalf, reviewing Service Level Agreements and Vendor Selection.

About Glovia International Inc.

Glovia International, a subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited, is one of the world’s most experienced and solidly backed providers of extended ERP solutions for businesses of any size — from small and mid-sized companies to global enterprises. The powerful and flexible glovia G2 solution provides for the unique needs of engineer-to-order, make-to-order, high volume and mixed-mode manufacturing environments through comprehensive, end-to-end functionality for the entire product lifecycle. Glovia has helped manufacturers to cut costs, improve productivity, and meet customer demands for over 30 years. For more information, please visit: