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A “good rate” is in the eye of the beholder. To some folks, a “good rate” is a less expensive rate. To others a “good rate” is a lot of capability packed into one price. Everyone has their own option, but I believe that it has to do with who you are dealing with.If you are dealing with “good vendors” – and I think that the overwhelming majority of vendors out there are good people – they want to provide a good service and they want you to get everything you want out of it. It is in their best interest for them to give you a “good rate” because the entire idea behind making a sale is to turn you into a long-term customer and they want long-term revenue streams that are predictable.This is what happens if you feel like you are getting a “good rate:”

  1. You are more likely to stay with that vendor
  2. You are more likely to give them repeat business
  3. You are more likely to give them positive word of mouth

In today’s age, the internet gives the customers an unprecedented voice. You can go onto  Yelp reviews or type a vendors name into YouTube and a vendor did not provide a good rate or a good service then people are going to let others know. Therefore, it is in a vendor’s in your best interest to do the best that they can throughout the sales cycle and beyond.

More than that, everyone wants to do a good job and we want to help you get the best rate you can. It is possible though that your expectations of a rate are not quite realistic or up to modern times. We can walk with you and explain what makes a good rate. We will also walk with you through what you think you need versus what you do or do not need.The bottom line is that we want everyone to be happy. We come at this from a spirit of abundance that everyone can win in these negotiations. You can get a good rate with all of the services that you need, the vendor can get decent margins and keep making a profit along with helping good people and we can facilitate your organization to be better than it was before. Our goal for you to get the product that you need for a price that you are willing to live with and that you feel good about as well.