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Before selecting ERP software, an organization should first define the criteria it will use to make this decision. In the interest of time, it’s important to weed out vendors early in the ERP selection process and to evaluate software based on the criteria most important to your organization.

Following are four steps an organization should take on before evaluating other software characteristics of lesser importance:

  • Look for industry-specific solutions – Selecting ERP software designed for your specific industry, and ensuring that ERP vendors are aware of industry-specific issues, can mean lower risk for your organization. Every industry is unique and it’s important that the ERP implementation team does not overlook issues that could impact your project’s budget or timeline.
  • Focus on no more than three solutions – ERP selection can be a strenuous process and a drain on resources. To allow adequate time spent on the evaluation of each vendor, we recommend that your organization only consider up to three ERP solutions. Your selection team should perform due diligence by evaluating the functionality, pricing and proposals of just two to three viable ERP solutions.
  • Evaluate ERP vendor responsiveness – The ERP software you select should come from a vendor that listens and responds to your organization’s needs. If a vendor is responsive during the sales process, they are likely to be responsive during implementation, and this is where engagement and vigilance are especially important.
  • Investigate ERP vendor references and track-records – A vendor’s customers can serve as great references for evaluating a vendor’s products, support and services. Be sure to ask for references to customers that have business needs similar to your own and to assess the vendor’s strength in the areas most important to your business.

Find out more about Panorama’s ERP selection services and PERFECT Fit methodology to learn how we can help your organization determine the most important criteria for evaluating ERP software that will support your business needs.