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Deacom, Inc., producer of an ERP software solution for process manufacturers, is pleased to announce that Research Products Company, a McShares, Inc. Company, has selected the DEACOM ERP system to optimize their complex operations.

The Kansas-based food additives and ingredients manufacturer provides the milling and baking industries with a variety of standard setting flour additives and micro-ingredient dispensing systems and maintain several manufacturing facilities as well as a research and development group.  Their organizational structure creates a high level of operational complexity that could hinder opportunity for growth if not managed efficiently.  Currently running on a disparate, highly customized legacy system, the Research Products team felt the implementation of a single ERP system that provides a comprehensive real-time view into their entire operation, was critical in order to scale the business as planned.

Research Products’ immediately expressed an appreciation for the uniqueness of the DEACOM single software system model, acknowledging the disadvantages they have experienced with a customized system.  The ability to handle all requirements in one system, without the need for customizations or bolt-ons, offers an increased level of stability and flexibility that will facilitate their plan for growth.

“Our confidence in the scalability of the DEACOM model was the main driving factor behind our decision to select Deacom,” said Doris Chase, Vice President of Administration. “Their philosophy, commitment to ensuring a successful implementation process, robust support foundation, and strong customer relationships made the decision that much easier.”