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Abu Dhabi — September 26, 2010 — EZ Ware Technologies has announced their latest product called EZ-Trade ®, which they believe that it will help traders in GCC to increase their profits and by having an ideal control over their inventory, by improving their cash-flow. The EZ-Trade is also helpful to improve the purchases made my any trading organization.

“As the GCC’s prominent supplier of business system software, EZ Ware Technologies delivers products and services that help improve business productivity for our clients. We consider that doing so will give a free rein to advance and make substantial new worth, for our clients, us, and eventually, entire industries and the economy at large.”

The Main Advantage

The foremost advantage of an EZ Business system is bringing down the costs and saving the valuable time which would have otherwise been wasted in procedural maneuvers and unwanted delays. Also, the accounts department personnel can act independently. They don’t have to be behind the technical persons every time to record the financial transactions, as the system is designed with the focus that it be extremely user friendly

EZ Business System is appropriate for worldwide operations as it comprises all the domestic jargons, currency conversions, diverse accounting standards, and multilingual facilities .In short it is the perfect commercial and scientific essence of the verse “Think Local. Act Global”.

About EZ Ware Technologies

EZware Technologies L.L.C is an established firm with a defined goal to develop and market software solutions only. The company was founded in 1996 with an intention to cater to the needs of the business community and 14 years since its inception the company is still committed to its work and growing steadily towards its goal.

“Our aim at EZware Technologies is to engage ourselves into research of new products all the time so as to meet the dynamic business demands. Besides, we want to work towards creating more and more vertical products to be well known in those market segments” said Farhan Qureshi of EZ Ware Technologies.