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Middleton, MA—September 21, 2010 – Exact, a leading provider of business software solutions, is pleased to announce the release of Exact Event Manager, version 1.2, an innovative Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) solution designed to provide users with the ability to create and manage business events that are critical to their company’s success.

Small and medium size businesses must stretch productivity, streamline operations and enhance customer relationships in today’s challenging economy. Exact Event Manager provides access to key information in real time, allowing companies to identify and remedy issues quickly, as well as improve customer relationships and take advantage of changes in market opportunities. Exact Event Manager enables businesses to monitor and improve their processes and customer interaction through the rapid creation of business events, which signal when there is a deviation from expected results. With instant notification, companies can take the appropriate action required to resolve the issue quickly and competently.

“Exact Event Manager can help companies anticipate and react to business process exceptions before they become a burden on the business,” said, Harry Merkin VP of Marketing for Exact Americas. “Users of the solution can not only monitor and correct issues; they can improve their relationships with their customers and optimize business opportunities. We’ve developed this solution to provide a long-term answer for any company interested in improving operational business intelligence. It’s flexible and powerful enough to meet the needs of today’s businesses by taking advantage of the latest tools and technologies that are currently available.” Exact Event Manager includes a set of pre-configured events, ensuring that quick time to value is realized for all users of the solution. Common business rules and exceptions packaged with Exact Event Manager will enable users to make tangible, measurable improvements to their business right away.

Better Business Results From Advanced Technology

Using cutting-edge development tools including Silverlight 4.0 and .Net 4.0, Exact has taken advantage of the latest Microsoft technologies to bring this powerful solution to market. With a flexible, browser-based interface, events can be created, defined, and managed from anywhere, anytime with an Internet connection and a web-browser. Exact Event Manager can monitor multiple sources, including Exact ERP products on SQL 2005 or SQL 2008 databases, other SQL 2005 & 2008 databases and MS Exchange 2003 & 2007 servers. The solution is also capable of reacting to anomalies with multiple actions, including automatic updates to the ERP database and launching a new email.

“Companies need their solution providers to innovate so their technology investments keep them ahead of the competitive curve,” said Jack Dempsey, VP of Research and Development for Exact Americas. “Small and mid-sized businesses must be agile to capitalize on emerging market opportunities. With Exact Event Manager, we can offer our current and future customers the ability to deploy cutting-edge technology that is designed specifically to help them stay apprised of critical business developments so they can be as productive and efficient as possible.”

Exact. And it all comes together.

We started serving the entrepreneurial world with information technology in 1984. We have grown from a student start-up to a global solution provider and our entrepreneurial roots constantly remind us that adding value for our customers is what we are here for. With approximately 2,200 employees in 40 countries, we serve over 100,000 local and international companies in more than 125 countries and provide our business software solutions in more than 40 languages. We have been listed on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam since June 1999 and our revenues amounted to € 232.5 million in 2009.

Serving entrepreneurial businesses is at the heart of what we do. We understand their mindsets, how they collaborate within their business community and the structure they need to achieve results. With this knowledge we provide software solutions that support every business activity and give real-time insight into the entire business. This gives our customers the freedom to successfully address challenges and opportunities, creating value for their customers and ultimately for themselves.

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