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Last week, I posted a blog entry about how to effectively manage your ERP software vendor. As is the case with many of my blog entries, my comments sparked controversy and discussion.

One response from an ERP software vendor sales rep was particularly interesting. In his reaction to my blog (click here to read his full response), he asserts that organizations need not take an adversarial approach with their vendors; instead, he advocates a win-win approach grounded in a strong partnership.

My initial reaction to his statements is that he actually underscores the point of my blog: not enough software sales reps think the way he does. Too many are focused on extracting as much as they can from their clients by overselling modules they don’t need, setting license prices too high, or offering too little of a value proposition for annual maintenance. I argue that while he has very valid points, we work with software sales reps on a regular basis during our clients’ ERP software selection processes and find that his sales approach is the exception rather than the rule.

I look forward to the day when I can say that my points are invalid and that most software sales reps really are looking out for their clients’ best interests. What are your thoughts?