Globalization is the way of business for many.  Especially with new technologies and innovations in manufacturing, communication and flow; businesses all over the world can connect with each other.  Arguably, there has never been a time quite like now when there has been such a global connection of possibilities.  Simply, global manufacturing is when one company makes components of, or finished products for another company, usually for a lower cost and higher efficiency.   Basically, it can be cheaper and easier for one manufacturer to be contracted out to make a speciality product, a component of a larger product.  With global manufacturing there are tight deadlines and a need for high efficiency and this is where ERP Software can totally help to change the game.  So lets explore how ERP software is used in Global manufacturing and how Panorama can help you:

1. Helps to Have Efficiency in Operations

In global manufacturing, is it vital to stay organized in every step of the process.  Whether the manufacturer is the supplier of the component for a larger product overall or whether it manufactures the larger product itself, all parties involved need to have efficiency in every step of the process.  From invoicing, keeping track of inventory and stay on deadline ERP Software can help provide solutions to all of these challenges and help to avoid inefficiency which would ultimately result in lost revenue.   Efficiency and overall digital transformation brought on with ERP software can totally help to change an operation’s efficiency outcomes.

2. Helps to Stay Organized – Internally

Anyone in manufacturing will tell you that there are a lot of moving parts at any one time and it involves every department at least one time in the process.  From administrative duties like invoicing and taking note of deadline, to accounting which would handle the actual billing and of course the manufacturing floor which is making product and taking inventory, ERP software can help in all of these aspects.  Take a look at some of your options here.  Not only can it help each department stay organized themselves but it can also help to better let these departments interact with each other and ultimately will be able to speak to customers with more information as well.

SAP vs. Oracle Case Study

SAP and Oracle both invest heavily in cloud technology. However, our client was skeptical about cloud scalability and unsure if the products were mature and proven.

3. Helps to Stay Organized – Inventory

Some larger global manufacturers can have thousands, if not millions of SKU’s and keeping track of them all can be a nightmare if not done correctly.  In case you didn’t know, ERP software was originally crafted with the end goal of helping manufacturers to stay organized and keep track of inventory which is the difference between a successful operation and one that is not.

4. Helps to Stay on Deadline

Global manufacturing can be like a domino effect- if one department, or party involved drops the ball then the whole process could be in jeopardy.  With manufacturers needing to have a concrete deadline of product delivery, everything needs to operate with efficiency and these clear goals in mind.  That means that missing inventory or a neglected invoice can alter these deadlines and upset the entire process.  Let ERP software help you to stay on track!

Let one of our independent ERP Consultants walk you through the process of how ERP software and digital transformation can make your manufacturing operation the best it can be and contact us today.

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